Troop 52 Parents 

Youth Protection Certification is an important requirement for adults to participate in the troop. It makes it possible for you to help the scout masters on camping trips and other activities. It is very easy to get certified. It takes just 30 uninterrupted minutes and it lasts 2 years. Any easy interactive video just watch and answer questions as you go.

1. Go to to register and setup your account. Select an Create Account 

        A Member ID is NOT required. You don't need one.

2. Create a Username. Write it down someplace safe.

3. Select your 2 Security Questions and write down your answers someplace safe.

       When finished an email will be sent to you with a link to verify your email was correct. 

4. Click the link emailed to you, it will bring up a page and you can now create a password for your username. 

       When complete a congradualations message pop up.

5. Go back to and login to your new scouting account.

6. Once logged in you will find an E-Learning link on the left. Click it.

    Slide down the page. A Youth Protection training link will be first course link. Takes 30 uninterupted minutes to complete, it will not let you stop and come back. But if you are interrupted you can start over later. It is a simple video with tiny quizes as you go. You can take it more than once, if you don't pass. Once completed you will get a certificate you can print. Bring it to the troop chairman or scoutmaster of the troop so that we can make sure the district has you certified to participate. 

7. Make sure you logout when finished (upper right corner). 

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