River Trip


Additional Packing List. We carry only the day's supplies in the canoes, not our overnight camping gear.

Things to take on the river:

    ____ shoes for walking in the river (wear these)

    ____ clothing that can get wet (wear these) e.g. swimsuit and shirt

    ____ one extra layer: fleece swaeter, polypro shirt, or windbreaker

    ____ lunch and snacks in a waterproof baggie

    ____ several water bottles

    ____ hat

    ____ sunscreen

    ____ bike helmet (if kayaking)

    ____ pack this stuff in a daypack or bag 

    ____ short rope (to tie it down so it is not lost in case of a dunking)


    ____ sun glasses w/ strap

    ____ squirt guns 

    ____ towel 

    ____ waterproof (single-use) camera

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