Oljato Trip


Oljato Personal Equipment List

Every Scout and leader should bring his own personal equipment:

_____  Full Scout uniform: shirt, shorts or pants, socks and belt 

           Scouts must wear full uniform at morning and evening assembly.

_____  Light jacket and light sweater or sweatshirt  

           (Evenings are cool. Light layers of clothing are lighter and warmer than a heavy jacket.) 

_____  Sweatshirt

_____  Light rain suit or poncho.  It rarely rains, but be prepared.

_____  Extra pair of shoes or boots

_____  Extra Scout uniform parts:  shirt, socks, etc.

_____  Underwear and tee shirts (at least 4 sets)

_____  Extra socks (at least 4 pairs)

_____  Swim trunks

_____  Sunscreen

_____  Hat

_____  Handkerchiefs or Kleenex packs

_____  Shorts and at least one pair of long pants

_____  Lightweight long or short sleeve shirts (non-uniform)

_____  Backpack with frame (especially for overnighter) or duffel bag

           We carry our gear about a half mile from dock to campsite

_____  Sleeping bag

_____  Polyurethane foam pad or lightweight air mattress

            (camp provides wooden platforms)

_____  Eating utensils (for in-camp cooking and overnighter):  

            minimum of a bowl, spoon and a Sierra cup

_____  Canteen or water bottle and a way to carry it around camp

           You need to carry water bottle wherever you go.

_____  Toilet kit:  soap, washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, towel

_____  Small personal first aid kit

_____  Headlamp or small flashlight and extra batteries

_____  Small pocket knife (NO SHEATH KNIVES)

_____  Money:  $10.00 per day allows an adequate amount of spending money

           We recommend scouts deposit this with the trading post.

_____  Scout Handbook, merit badge pamphlets, etc.

_____  Pen/pencil, notebook, paper, stamps, envelopes or postcards

_____  Prescription medications - Must be lept at the Health Lodge


_____  Camera 

_____  Mosquito repellent 

_____  Sunglasses

_____  Fishing gear

_____  Radios, Walkmans, iPods, Gameboys (will be left in the car)

_____  Clean White T-shirt for tie-dyeing


       Comic books    

       Sheath knives 



       Bows and arrows


       Open toe shoes or sandals


Troop Gear

____  Clock (to hang up in camp)

____  MB books

____  MB req't book

____  Blue Cards (~4 per scout per week)

____  Paper

____  Pens

____  Push Pins

____  Scotch Tape

____  Post-It Notes

____  Duct Tape

____  Broom

____  Medicines - Dimetapp, Tylenol, Advil

____  Medical Forms

____  Permission Forms

____  Driving Instructions

____  Troop First-Aid Kit

____  Propane Lantern (no white gas allowed)

____  Smores

____  Cooking equipment if we're staying in camp over the weekend.

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